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WORK/SHOP is a newly formed collaboration that brings together the professional care and competence of an Architecture office with the handcraft and skill of a fabrication shop.  Our “office”, which we refer to as our Shop, is our research lab. Offering us space to fabricate and research construction methods and processes as well as further our material understanding. This direct approach to the design process provides us with an intellectual craftsmanship that we bring to every project.


Directed by Liane Veness, a registered Architect with over eight years experience in collaboration with Co-director, Kyle Wires Munro, a Masters of Architecture graduate with over ten years of design build experience, WORK/SHOP has found a place in the design community offering a unique approach to practicing “hand-made” architecture. Unique, in that we design every project through a collaborative approach from which we act as both the architect and the builder, offering design/consulting services as well as custom build services to our clients.  


We believe this cooperative method allows us to provide greater attention to detail from project start-up through to the construction completion and close out.

Moving into our second/third year, WORK/SHOP continues to challenge the standard practice of Architecture. By engaging the Architect directly in the process of making, we endeavour to expand the boundaries of how we traditionally define the profession through understanding Architecture as the collaborative as well the collective embodiment of its material process.


Liane Veness  MAA, RAIC, LEED AP
Principal / Director
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